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Since September 2023, I am a professor at Sorbonne University, attached to the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche. Before, I have been a permanent researcher at the Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA Paris-Saclay.

Here are my contact details, information about my teaching, and some scientific events I am or have been involved in. Here is also an academic CV (as of September 2023).

My research interests lie at the interface between combinatorics, mathematical physics, and probability theory. Some keywords : random maps, two-dimensional quantum gravity, integrability, determinantal and pfaffian processes, dimer models, loop gases…


My publications are available online on my arXiv page. See also the lists compiled by IPhT or by Google Scholar. My habilitation thesis, defended in 2019, is available here or on TEL (it is written mostly in English). My doctoral thesis, defended in 2005, is also on TEL (it is written in French).


You can get an idea of my work by looking at the files from some of my talks. My habilitation defence (in French) provides an overview going from 2005 to 2019. Here are some general talks on my main subject, random maps:

Then, talks on more specific subjects:

PhD students



I have the chance to count the following people as coauthors : Marie Albenque, Chikashi Arita, Arvind Ayyer, Rémi Bardenet, Dan Betea, Gaëtan Borot, Cédric Boutillier, Mark Bowick, Ariane Carrance, Guillaume Chapuy, Sylvie Corteel, Pascal Degiovanni, Philippe Di Francesco, Bertrand Duplantier, Alexandre Feller, Éric Fusy, Emmanuel Guitter, Adrien Hardy, Monwhea Jeng, Paul Krapivsky, Svante Linusson, Kirone Mallick, Grégory Miermont, Peter Nejjar, François Nunzi, Sanjay Ramassamy, Adam Rançon, Benjamin Roussel, Grégory Schehr, Mirjana Vuletić, Harriet Walsh, Christoph Westbrook.

Current and past grants

IRN PIICQ (2021-2025), FBF Cylindric partitions (2020-2022), ANR COMBINÉ (2019-2024), ANR Dimers (2019-2024), PEPS Carma (2016), ANR GRAAL (2014-2019), Combinatoire à Paris (2013-2017), ANR Cartaplus (2013-2016)